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I am a 43 year old woman and I began training with Jessy 2 months ago.  I have been a competitive athlete for most of the past decade, having run in 5K through marathon distance races as well as many triathlons.  In 2001, I completed the Tupper Lake Tinman ˝ Ironman triathlon as well as the Lake Placid Ironman triathlon.  I have spent many hours per week at the gym, on my bike and generally being very active.  In my many years as an athlete, I can honestly say that since I began working with Jessy, I am now in the best physical shape that I have been in my life.  The key is that Jessy has taught me to train smarter.

Jessy is a true sports scientist.  He is exceptional as a trainer in many ways, but he stands out among the trainers that I know for a few reasons. 

1.   Jessy models his philosophy.

2.  He is adept at listening to me as an individual.

3.  In our initial visit, he expertly assessed what type of program he thought I needed based on our conversation, and then he wrote out a specific plan tailored uniquely to me.

4.  He pays close attention to my progress and makes adjustments as needed.  Because he pays such close attention, he is always one step ahead of me and ready to make those adjustments based on my biofeedback.

5.  He is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about what he does, and has a strong sense of integrity.  He is one of the most honest and reliable people that I know.

6.  His workout plans produce amazing results, and that is the bottom line, isn’t it?

In just two months, I have decreased my body fat by about 9 pounds and replaced the fat with about the same amount of muscle.  I am more than half way toward reaching my goal of 16% body fat and replacing all of that fat with muscle.  I am much more lean and strong than I had ever thought possible for me, and I am not even to my goal yet.  I feel like I am getting back to having the body of someone in their 20s.  I do feel and look younger. 

Jessy has demonstrated, by his own results, that he knows how to do what he is telling me I can achieve.  The main reason that I initially thought of asking him to work with me is that I could see that he, himself, has accomplished one major thing that I want to do, which is to decrease body fat and gain muscle.  He looks vibrantly healthy, lean and strong.  He eats a clean, organic healthy diet.  He takes and recommends only the most natural vitamin and mineral supplements.  These are all things which are important to me.  When I want something in life that I don’t know how to do myself, I find the expert in that area who has done what I want to do and learn from the master.  Jessy is a master at what he does.

Another thing about Jessy is that he has the positive mindset and attitude that makes anything possible.  When I first came to him, I told him that since I had turned 40, I began to see that “middle-age fat roll” appearing around my middle.  I told him that I was not willing to buy into the common conception that after 40, that is what happens and there is nothing that can be done about it.  To me, that would just be an excuse to let myself go.  Jessy supported my belief that there is something I can do about it, and my results have proven that to be true.  He taught me that because I am an endurance athlete, I have trained my body to store fat to use as fuel during my long training times and events.  Now I know that I do not have to work out for as long a time, and I use my workout time more efficiently to build strength and power.  No more  fat roll for me, and for the first time in my life, I will have ripped abs at the beach this summer. 

I am truly grateful to have found Jessy and is it is privilege to be working with him.  He lives, trains and teaches from his heart.  I will continue to recommend him to others, as he has made such a difference for me in my life in many ways.

Thora Pomicter

Shelburne , Vermont


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