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I have been working with Jessy Amblo and The Sports Science Association for five years now. When I first came to Jessy in February of '04 I was significantly overweight. The primary purpose of my initial visits were to obtain nutritional knowledge and to lose weight. Jessy Amblo had come highly recommended from several people that I knew. I did just that I gained nutritional knowledge and in fact I lost a significant amount of weight.

With the weight loss came a new found confidence in myself. I had never known this side of me before. With that in mind I wanted to set a big goal for myself. I did a lot of soul searching and landed upon the fact that I wanted to compete in a body building competition. I took third place at this first show. With this personal victory I found that I wanted more so Jessy and I talked and I decided to compete in another show which would take place out of state. This second show was much larger and again with the amazing knowledge and guidance of jessy Amblo I placed third again. After this second show I felt like I needed a break from competative bodybuilding.

Once again I tapped the wealth of knowledge from Jessy and this time I decided to set an endurance goal. I wanted to and actually competed in the Vermont City Marathon. The preparation and nutrition for this race was so very different from the body building shows but due to the extreme and varied knowledge that Jessy possesses he was once again able to help me. I registered for and finished the marathon.

As you can tell Jessy Amblo is a very talented individual who can help anybody from someone just wanting to lose extra weight to an individual desiring to compete in a bodybuilding competetion to yet an endurance athlete competing in a marathon. I would highly recommend Jessy Amblo to any individual whom desires to be challenged and desires also to reach new heights never before dreamed of.

Lisa Spitzer
Owner and Educator of
Field of dreams preschool


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