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Even though I worked with Jessy for just a short time, the results of his thoughtful, carefully-planned and executed program, completely tailored to fit my needs, became apparent very soon after I started training with him. An intuitive trainer, with a vast storehouse of knowledge of the workings of the human body, Jessy did a beautiful job of creating a program (with a nutritional component) for me. My workouts were fun and effective and Jessy was a great cheerleader, always making me feel like I was capable and instilling in me confidence in my body's ability to learn and do new things.

When I began working with Jessy it was my goal to have a strong start to the ski season. As is the case with most skiers, the first few times out on the slopes can be humbling, and I was determined to start strong. Working with Jessy got me to that place in a very short time. I can honestly say that my first day out on the mountain this winter! I felt strong and able and consequently was able to stay out longer and enjoy the day more. It's been a fantastic season all-around--I've skied more than I have in many years and I owe that in large part to the work that Jessy did with me before the season began.

Melissa Eyre

Editor of Charlotte News

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