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Increasing The Body's Ability To Recover

Why Do We Need It?
Over the course of our lives we expose our bodies to various types of stress and damage. This exposure can come in the forms of training, injury, sickness, etc. As much help as medicine is, it isn’t always what is best. When a part of the body is in need of recovery, its natural mechanisms come on line to repair that area. When the body isn’t given the correct ingredients and environment in which to do its job, healing time is prolonged and the damage isn’t correctly repaired. It is sad to see people lose the level of activity they enjoy due to an un-cared for injury that could stay with them over the course of their life. We have seen this in many forms, bone/joint injuries, deficiencies in immune system function and so on. Proper recovery is also vital to athletes who rely on their bodies to recover from their exposure to training loads, increasing their ability to lift more, run faster and jump higher. Take a strength trainer for instance. For each workout, the components of a muscle are sometimes stressed to a point of being damaged. The recovery process of super compensation yields the result of larger, stronger muscles. However, this can only happen when the body is given the correct elements to heal and super compensate properly.

What is it?
Most of the ingredients our bodies need in order to recover are found in our food, making nutrition a key part of recovery. Our bodies do most of their recovery during sleep, when energy can be focused on the areas needing repair. These are all facts that most of us are aware of. Unfortunately we live in a busy culture and we don’t always have the time to wait, so we need to increase the body’s ability to heal faster and more effectively. Thanks to a blend of modern science and time-proven methods of ancient cultures, we have many more ways to achieve this. The Sports Science Association uses such clinically tested and time proven methods such as these. We have found profound success with Far Infrared Technology, Magnetic Therapy, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and various forms of Bodywork.

How Do I Get Help With My Recovery?
We at the Sports Science Association believe in making the best programs, methods and products available to anyone who is interested. If you would like information on any of the recovery methods mentioned or would like to order, we have a complete product list along with a large network of bodywork professionals.


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