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What Is Nutrition?

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What Is Nutrition?

Nutrition is probably one of the most fundamental, most preached upon, and conversely, most neglected factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The study of dietary manipulation and its direct influence on proper function of both body and mind is what nutrition is all about. Our bodies garner nourishment in a variety of ways, the air we breathe, absorption through the skin, and largely from what we consume in the forms of solid foods, liquids and various supplements. 

Being knowledgeable and deliberate about our consumption is how we can take the most control to either help or hinder a body’s ability to function at its optimum working levels. The nutrients absorbed and utilized by the body do not function singly, they work through an interdependent system of interactions with each other, hence the importance of a proper balance. 

In addition to this, the personal biochemical needs of each individual differ based on genetic predisposition, environmental factors and lifestyle dynamics. Where we live, where we work, levels of athletic activity, all of these factors and more can have a great impact on how much of which nutrients we receive, which are utilized, and which are lacking.

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