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My goal for this year is to raise my physical health by “an order of magnitude”.  As a physician, professional trader and investment adviser, I have put hundreds of thousands for dollars and years of work and experience into developing the potential of my mind.  this year I realized that I had put very little of either time or effort into developing and maintaining the vessel containing that skill and knowledge, my body.  With this in mind, I sought to find a coach and guide who had demonstrated success in this area.  I was fortunate to meet Jessy and to realize that he was what I was looking for.  The right person at the right time.

I was convinced to work with the Sports Science Association when I saw the combination of strength, grace and energy that Jessy possesses.  If I can get to one quarter of what he as achieved, I will be far ahead of where I started.  I have now been working with Jessy for two months and continue to be very impressed by his approach to health.

Bottom line, I am seeing significant improvements in my fitness, health, energy and satisfaction with life.  The people around me have been asking what I am doing differently because they see the results too.  It’s working!

My nutrition and exercise programs are individualized to my specific needs and the time and facilities that I have for working out.  Since they fit my needs so well, I have no excuses to not follow the plans.

The nutrition program has increased the frequency of my meals and improved balance of my nutritional intake.  This has led to less hunger and subsequent gorging, as well as more consistent energy and sharpness of my mind throughout the day.  My nutritional “rules of thumb” are simple, so I am still able to eat on the fly or go out to dinner.  My lifestyle has not been changed in any negative way.  I have found that following the plan is a matter of consciousness, knowledge and purpose.  The changes that I have made in my eating habits are pleasant and sustainable.

Jessy’s knowledge of how to use nutrition to produce physical results is truly impressive.  He has a much more thorough experience in the practical application of this knowledge than any other health professional that I know.  Just look at his physique if you have any doubt.   Having Jessy as a tangible example of success in this area has been tremendously valuable to me.

I love my exercise program.  So much so that I am guilty of pushing things a bit faster than my body has been able to adapt.  Jessy has had to reel in the athlete inside me that has been awakened.  Again, Jessy has succeeded in individualizing a program.  He has analyzed what my weakest areas are and given me specific and integrated exercises and movements to improve them.  My recurrent back pain has disappeared and my posture is better (which helps when you are 5’4” ;-) ).  I have dropped two inches from my waist, and for the first time in years I can look down and see my belt buckle without sucking in my gut.  I am actually gaining muscle mass and definition in my arms, shoulders and back.  My aerobic capacity has increased, and my flexibility and balance are better than when I was a teenager.  All of this has happened with three or four 45-minute workouts a week.  This is serious time efficiency with serious results.

My challenge to anybody is to put on a Speedo or bikini and stand in front of the mirror.  If you are satisfied with what you see, don’t change a thing.  If you are not satisfied, then go to the Sports Science Association.  You will be provided with the tools and guidance to produce the results that you want.

Edward Pomicter, MD

Shelburne, VT


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