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When setting out to achieve fitness goals, usually two major obstacles stand in the way. The first is getting the motivation to start and continue on a program. The second is being presented with the correct information to do it the right way. Since you are reading this, you have already begun to tackle the first obstacle. The second is a little harder to overcome. There are so many types of fitness goals to achieve, that it can be hard to find information that pertains to YOUR specific goals. The correct mix of Training, Nutrition and Recovery techniques can take years to find. That is why the Sports Science Association’s approach is so successful. We have done all of the research and are ready to use it to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Training Benefits
The benefits of our training programs can reach all aspects of your life. With correctly applied strength, cardio, and flexibility training, you can reach your goals faster than you thought possible. Whether you are looking to build mass, tone-up, lose weight, get stronger or even increase endurance, we know how to get you there. Very few things feel better and are more satisfying than attaining goals in health and fitness. Our programs are time-proven and scientifically based. We also teach you the most important skill needed to reach your goals and that is how to be your own trainer.

Nutrition Benefits
It is impossible to attain goals in health and fitness without proper nutritional guidance. This not only entails which foods to eat and not to eat, but which supplements are needed at what times. The benefits of your training are directly related to the way your body recovers from it. Nutrition is a vital part and ties into other aspects of your life such as energy level and skin quality. Most nutritionists put their clients through a “one size fits all” plan that can only show results to a few body types. Our nutrition programs are catered to each individual and integrate into their lifestyle and training regimen.

Recovery Benefits
The human body is expert in recovery. It is capable of repairing damage done to just about any of its parts, such as muscle, bone, tendons and skin. These damages happen during training or as a result of an injury. What our body needs to recover is time. Due to our lack of time, because of our busy lifestyles, we need to enhance the quality of the time that we have. We do this with our wide range of recovery techniques. These range from Far Infrared and Magnetic therapies to Massage and Electric Nerve Stimulation.

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