Ongoing Coaching Program


Price: US $260.00


Program Details:

Note: If you purchase one of our written personal programs you will then need to fill out the following form: Client Questionnaire


This Program Includes:

  • Initial consultation, assessment of trainees goals and needs state.
  • One hour of personal training (every month; remote or live)
  • First written training program (basic or advanced)
  • First written nutrition program
There is a $260.00 initial setup fee and a $95.00 per month fee which you must setup as an automatic debit.


(Changes in macronutrient profiles are $25.00 after initial setup usually every 4 to 6 weeks)

Also included are printable results of:

  • Body composition testing (ongoing every two weeks) to track results while adjusting training and nutrition requirements accordingly for continued progress. Note: Remote trainees must have a set of calipers and someone to take the skin fold measurements every two weeks. You will receive instructions on how to take proper measurements.
  • Unlimited email communication with your personal trainer.



This is a great program as it contains all the elements you need to succeed. For confirmation, just look at our customer referrals!