Custom Training Programs

All training programs from the Sports Science Association are tailored to the individual and their needs. With a written program you can take all the guesswork out of your approach and move in a linear path toward your goals.

Note: If you purchase one of our written personal programs you will then need to fill out the following form: Client Questionnaire

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Basic Training Program


Price : US $120.00

An effective program is more than just a collection of exercises. A good training program is like a work of art. It should incorporate all aspects of your life and be sustainable. It needs to suit you and fit your lifestyle.   Note : If you purchase one of our...[more]

Advanced Training Program


Price : US $120.00

Basic Training Programs are just that. They have their place for new trainees or beginners. But, continuous use of these basic uniplane or stabilized movements can create faulty neurorecruitment patterns and eventually imbalances and injury. Advanced Training Programs are...[more]